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       The count mirror is broken. Today, the maintenance center of the Earl of Beijing shares the problem of solving the broken count watch. The lens of count watch is the outer protective shell of count watch. If the protective shell breaks down the inner component, it will be damaged. If the guard is severely knocked or rolled, the hard case may be damaged. Now, the maintenance service center of Beijing Earl will tell you how to deal with the broken mechanical watch mirror of count.


       Some people will pay attention to the materials when buying watches. Sapphire materials are relatively strong, but not strong. They can only say that they are not strong. If they want to break, they will break them directly, let alone other materials. So we should use it carefully, try not to have the surface mirror rupture. There are two common forms of cracks, one is slight damage, such as corneal scratch, a small amount of falling off; the other is direct rupture, which is difficult to deal with. It can't be repaired. It can only be replaced. Worse, without changing the table, the dial will be exposed. Once water is encountered, the count's watch will be damaged.



       Pull out the watch, stop it, and then change it. When pulling out the meter, prevent the dial and the schedule from scraping the glass fragments driven by the pointer on the stop meter, causing secondary damage. And the price of the dial is higher, the damage is more serious, no matter whether repair or replacement have a lot of expenses. Don't worry, you don't clean up the glass pieces yourself.


       Because the structure of the inner parts is complex, some of them are even lighter than the paper pieces, if the surface mirrors are not replaced quickly, the surface inner parts will be stripped off. The consequences are like losing the sheath. The most important part is difficult to protect. Some invisible dust, including water vapor, is also more easily damaged in the air. Although the dust in the air is invisible, there are some hazards. This will cause damage to count watch. The lens of the watch is seriously damaged. It is recommended to replace it directly.


       This situation is rare for count watches. If the damage is too serious, we should replace them in time. If they are repaired, they are not very good for the original appearance. It is suggested that we directly replace them and do not operate them by ourselves to prevent the debris scratch. If you want to know our count's watch, we can consult the maintenance center of the count of Beijing.

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