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       The Earl's watch has stopped. Today, Beijing Earl maintenance center will share with you some tips to solve the problem. When the table doesn't work normally and stops moving suddenly, these problems will appear. No matter how good the quality of these tables is, they can't be completely avoided. In this case, the first reaction is that the Earl's watch is broken? Now Beijing Earl maintenance service center answers for you.


       1. In fact, as we all know, motivation is the main point. We must study our watch carefully. Only under the premise of sufficient power, there will be no stopping, or the Earl watch will move automatically after stopping for a period of time. For example, if you have nothing wrong with your Earl's watch all day long, you put it on the bed at night. When you get up the next morning and look at it, it will be slower and will not move for a minute. It's a typical phenomenon of stopping Earl's watch. If the automatic mechanical watch stops working when it is normally worn, first of all, don't think that the Earl's watch is broken. The normal work of the watch depends on the swing of the arm to complete the winding. If the watch is placed for a long time or the daily arm activity can't meet the requirements of the Earl's watch winding, it will produce the phenomenon of stealing stop.



       2. We want to treat our Earl's watch well, which is the factor to let him accompany us for a long time. Before putting the watch on, we should draw an arc in the air with our hands. Or adjust the watch string with the action at hand. That is to say, before the new day comes, the count watch needs to have enough kinetic energy to continue to run. When wearing Earl's watch, it is often bumped and scratched. Even if it is really careful sometimes, it is inevitable. When the Earl's watch is hit violently, it may cause the internal movement gear and other parts to be loose or misplaced, and the movement part of the Earl's watch is out of order. If so, we need to go to the regular Beijing Earl Maintenance Center for maintenance Repair.


       Beijing Earl maintenance center tips: when you find your Earl watch is broken, send it to the regular Beijing Earl Maintenance Center for maintenance. If you have any questions about Earl's watch, please call the service hotline in time for detailed consultation, insist on the maintenance of your Earl's watch, and send your Earl's watch to Beijing Earl repair center in time.

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